Friday, October 23, 2015


Incident of a Breach of Promise Suit at Bakersfield

Bakersfield, Cal., Oct. 14. -- Mrs. Murphy, mother of Louise E. Murphy, who on Friday last filed a breach of promise suit for $20,000 damages against George A. Rankin, a well-known resident of this county, and a prominent dairyman, today had an encounter with the dairyman in which fists and cuspidors were freely used.

As Mrs. Murphy and her daughter were going up the stairs inside the courthouse, Mrs. Murphy saw Rankin at the foot of the stairs. She immediately ran down and, grabbing Rankin by the lapels of his coat, slapped his face.

Rankin pushed her roughly from him, the irate mother falling to the floor. Quickly jumping to her feet, she picked up a cuspidor which was at her feet, and, raising it with all her strength at the surprised Rankin. The weapon struck him on the hand, and as he started to run down the stairs, another cuspidor just missed his head. 

No arrests were made., San Diego Union, page 4, column 3, Bakersfield, California, Oct 14, 1901. 
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